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Clean Vintage Paintings with a Bagel

We have received some emails from people asking for tips on how to clean an oil vintage painting fast. So here is an short article that will help all of you who are interested in the topic.

Most of the new pieces of art are easy to clean with a dump cloth, but it is not the same with the old ones, the require special attention, if you want them to look like new.

If you have filthy painting that you want to renovate and clean then this article is just for you. I am addicted to thrift stores, I always buy stuff from there, you can find really beautiful antiques. So, here is my trick that removes years of grime easily. Read below and find out my secret.

To deal with this problem you do not need any expensive stuff, all you need is bread or bagel. Yes, doughy white bread is all you need to bring the life back to the old painting. There is more to bagels than cream cheese and salmon. You need only the interior surface of the bread, otherwise you risk to damage the paint. You have two options, to cut bagel or baguette in half, or to get a load of bread. Pick up the squishy white part that most of us prefer eating.

The next step is to rub that soft part of bread all over the painting. Be careful! You should not push too hard, or scrub. To get the best result, all you need to do is to run the bread all over the filthy surface. In this situation the bread acts like a sponge and it will collect all the dust, grime and grossness, according to the professionals from domestic cleaning in Sydney company. You will notice that the bread is getting filthy, when you decide that rubbing is enough, throw the bread away. Take another piece of bread and repeat the step, this final rub will make sure that all the grime is gone, for a long time.

There is only one problem now, the dirt is all gone but there might be crumbs all over the painting. To get rid of them, it is a good idea to use bristle paint brush. Use the brush to slightly remove the crumbs.

Once you are done with these easy step you are ready, your painting is like just painted. It is clean and ready to hang it wherever you desire.

I hope that this article helped you to bring back life to your filthy vintage painting. If not, and your piece of art still needs deep cleaning then call professional cleaning company like house cleaners from Sydney, they will help you to solve all your cleaning problems. Feel free to leave a comment or to add your cleaning ideas.

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